Stylish, elegant and converts to a beautiful dining table. This billiard table from Palko is certainly a functional talking piece for the astute buyer. Would look great in any home.

Sizes: 7ft, 8ft
Pockets: Drop Pockets
Slate: 3/4″
Timber Colours: Oak
Finish: Gloss
Cloth Colours: American Blue Green
Cloth Type: Worsted

Includes 2 Piece Dining Top

Optional Economy Pool Pack Available:
– 1x 2¼” Pool Balls
– 4x 2 Piece 57″ Standard Cues
– 1x Rest Handle
– 1x Brass Cross Rest Head
– 1x 2¼” Wooden Diamond
– 1x 2¼” Wooden Triangle
– 1x Cue Rack (Holds 6 Cues)
– 1x Under Rail Brush
– 1x 9″ Brush
– 1x Kelly Marbles & Shaker
– 1x Rubber Chalk Holder
– 1x Vinyl Cover
– 1x Cue Repair Kit