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Palko has many years of experience with billiard slate, first importing billiard slate direct from Italy in the early 1970’s. Our company knows what is required for billiard slate to last and perform in various weather conditions.

Slate is mined in the ground, and it depends on its depth of excavation and its texture throughout as to how long or how well it will stand up to the climate. We believe after using most slates, the Chinese slate standard is right up to, and in some cases better than any other slate in the world for billiard table use. We have proven this after many years of use in the harsh conditions of Australia. Another major benefit of our Chinese slate, is that it is able to be stored outdoors in direct sunlight and wet conditions without the problem of cracking or distortion. The texture of Palko slate is even, its hardness medium and its elasticity is good.

Our factory in China continually upgrade their machinery, keeping abreast of the leading technology.

Palko is proud to offer you our stamped and approved Palko slate. Palko Slate offers you quality at a competitive price to give your company the edge on your opposition.

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