Multi Weight System


The Grafex Multi-weight system allows for quick, easy, complete weight control over your cue, offering the most flexible cue on the market today.

The new internal Multi-Weight System consists of or 3×0.5oz weights for Snooker Cues (3x1oz weights for American Pool cues).

The multi weight is completely disguised but its effects are not. The cue bumper features an internal thread to suit 3x weight bolts that easily adjust weight of the cue.

Unlike other cue weight technologies, The Grafex Multi-Weight System requires no tool to operate. By simply unscrewing the bumper and adding or removing the individual weights, easily adjusts the cues from 16.5oz to 18oz for English Snooker cues.

The Grafex Multi-Weight System is featured on the entire range of Grafex Cues and is one of the most revolutionary and innovative cue technologies on the market.