palko-teamPalko Pty Ltd is a well established company with combined experience of well over 42 years in the billiard industry. Palko is one of Australia’s largest billiard table manufacturers and billiard equipment wholesalers. Due to our product knowledge, range, competitive prices and product quality, Palko now boasts a customer base that spans the entire country and the world.

Palko has the team and resources to secure your future in this fun, exciting and ever changing industry.

Palko imports and exports billiard tables, components, slate, cloth and billiard accessories from 7 different facilities in China. Palko also import and export genuine English billiard cloth direct from the manufacturer in the UK.

Palko Products

Palko management travels to China regularly to oversee the production and quality control of Palko products. Our factories in China are continually upgrading their technology and machinery to maintain the very high standards that the Australian billiard industry demands. With experience gained from dealings with the Palko team, our products will continue to develop into world class standard.

Palko have also established their own range of tables, cloth, cues, balls and accessories under such names as Grafex cues, Diamond cues, FSN & VSN billiard cloth, and of course the Supreme billiard table. Palko also proudly announces that we are now agents of the world class Aramith ‘Genuine Belgian Billiard Balls’.

Palko also supply other great products such as Palko Game, Bars and Stools and Aluminium Dart Board Cabinets.

Palko staff are committed to providing the best level of customer service. Our philosophy is to form successful partnerships with all of our customers and work together to benefit their business without delay.

Please note: Palko Pty Ltd is a wholesale company. We do not sell retail to the general public.