Gravity Cue


From former professional player turned snooker coach, Neil Johnson, comes the patented Gravity Cue, a multi award winning breakthrough that represents the biggest legal leap forward in cue technology in over 200 years.

The Gravity Cue is a patented multi award winning cue that has been uniquely designed to carry a strong roll/twist resistant bias that constantly encourages the user to feed the cue through their hands more productively, assisting the development of a smoother, straighter, more consistent stroke.

The Gravity Cues strong bias effect reduces both lateral and rotational movement in the player’s action from the built in predetermined resistance created through the cues scientifically developed split keeled weighting system.

Gravity Cue resists rotation by 300 times more than that of a standard cue and resists out lateral movement by an average 15%.

The Gravity cue constantly encourages a player to a straighter, smoother, more powerful, consistent cue action.

Available in Snooker specification with a 9.5mm tip, Canadian Ash shaft or Pool specification with a 13mm tip Canadian Maple Shaft.

The Gravity Cue will train a player to:

  • Cue Straighter
  • Cue with more power & accuracy
  • Achieve your full potential
  • Achieve a positive cue action
  • Improve your all round game



How it Works

A standard cue is weighted to the core and relies solely on the player and offers no resistance to inaccurate movement. The Gravity Cues dual weighting system provides the player with both rotational and lateral resistance.


Using the Gravity Cue

Former professional player turned snooker coach & creator of the Gravity Cue, Neil Johnson, explaining the characteristics and advantages of the Gravity Cue

With the clever use of weight distribution, the Gravity Cue has been scientifically designed to hold itself in a predetermined position with the elongated keel running along what is effectively the bottom side of the cue and the Gravity Cue logo directly opposing the keel on the top side. Keeping the cue in position from start to finish is paramount and will ensure that you have allowed the cue to guide you towards a more complete sequence regarding shot process.

By successfully allowing this process to take place you will have developed a smoother more relaxed stroke with less or even no twist in the wrist. A stroke that is straighter and more consistent.