Strachan SuperPro


From the world leader in Billiard Cloth Strachan, comes Strachan SuperPro™,  Premium worsted Billiard Cloth

Strachan SuperPro™ maintains its play characteristics longer than other premium cloths, giving control, consistency and the confidence players require to produce a championship winning performance.

Strachan SuperPro™ combines the finest quality yarn and over 100 years’ experience to produce a Highly engineered finish for optimum balance of speed , control and high durability

Strachan SuperPro™ has a growing reputation for quality and has been selected for use in various tournaments around the world.

superpro_surface superpro_tournments superpro_table
Treated with SpillGuard™ to protect against stains and spills
World Class
Strachan SuperPro has been used in tournaments around the world including New Zealand Championship, German National Championships and BCA Canadian Championships.
Highly engineered finish for optimum balance of speed, control and high durability.

Strachan SuperPro™ Colours

Strachan SuperPro™ is available in the following colour.

Yellow Green
78” (Code 12i-gr)

*Due to printing and monitor capabilities, colours presented here may vary from the final product.

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