Simonis 860


Simonis has been manufacturing billiard cloth with traditional craftsmanship in Belgium for over 3 centuries.

Simonis offered the first worsted cloth for billiard and has been the reference cloth for generations. This world grade cloth is used on tables in the World Pool Championships held throughout the world.

Professional players prefer Simonis for the same reasons that make it great for commercial & family play – the truest play surface combined with strong worsted thread construction and high thread count that resists tearing, scuffing, spills and abuse.

Whether you play for sport or for please, whether you spend $500 or $50,000 for your table, insist on the truest playing cloth… Simonis


simonis_crestSimonis has been manufacturing cloth with traditional craftsmanship in Belgium for over 3 centuries.

The result is a precision cloth that achieves the smoothest, most accurate and consistent play surface available.






simonis_ball_clothThe worsted construction means there are no short fibers that can shed from the cloth to form ‘pills’ which affect ball performance.

With Simonis cloth, ball spin is consistent and the roll stays straight and true during every shot.




simonis_greenOptimal thread content, high wool content and traditional methods of production ensure that Simonis cloth provides outstanding accuracy and consistency that Simonis has been renowned for, generations.



Simonis 860™ Colours

Simonis 860™ is available in the following colours.

*Due to printing and monitor capabilities, colours presented here may vary from the final product


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